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About the Swai Burger

Our Swai Burgers are a delicious departure from the usual bland, low calorie, heart healthy fare. Each burger is hand cut and made with 97% fish, so you know you are getting a high quality fish burger at an awesome price!

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Our Testimonials

  • I tried them not knowing what to expect but from the first bite I am hooked. I generally try to eat tuna for lunch but I have to admit canned tuna is not the best and sometimes doesn’t fill me up. However a Swai Burger tastes so much better and always fills me up.

  • They are so delicious and I just can’t say enough. Kudos to you for bringing to the world a fabulous burger that doesn’t moo! Thank you!

  • I had my mother give me a package of the Swai Burgers. They are amazing!!

  • I am a weight watchers member, I have fallen in love with your Swai Burgers.


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