About the Swai Burger


Made exclusively for the Seafood Doctor.

Our Swai Burgers are a delicious departure from the usual bland, low calorie, heart healthy fare. The versatility makes it the easy choice, but the taste will keep you coming back for more.

Because each burger is hand cut and made with 97% fresh fish, you know you are getting good high quality fish at an awesome price!

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Swai Burger Advantages

  • Very Good & Tasty
  • Healthy
  • Gluten Free
  • Can be cooked any way
  • Won't fall apart when cooked
  • Made from fresh Swai belly meat

Swai Burgers are Located:

*Pricechopper on East Coast

*Grocery Outlet; CA, NV, OR, ID, WA

*Rouses; LA, MS, AL

*Bogopa; NY, NJ, CT

*Pricesmart; Outside of USA

*Cost U Less; Outside of USA

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They are awesome! Very tasty!! Keep up the great work!!! -Jackie-